Peter  Gladigau

Peter Gladigau

Sumitomo Demag
Product Manager

Why we invited Peter

Peter studied Plastic and Rubber technology at Technical University in Chemnitz and since University has been working for over 25 years in the plastic injection moulding world.

He started his work life as an application engineer and later on as a project engineer for Demag,
one of the biggest injection moulding machine manufacturers in Germany.

This was followed by the position of a technical manager for their SE - Asian subsidiary in Malaysia. Over his career, he has been involved in a wide variety of tasks in and around moulding technology and the sales process.

In 2007 Peter took up the role of technical manager for an automotive supplier of injection moulding parts. This gave him the real world experience of using moulding machines
under manufacturing conditions from the end user point of view including all the specific requirements
of the automotive world.

2011 Peter returned to Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery and since then has been involved in the product management and corporate strategy for all electric machines.

Where you can see Peter

26 Sep 2017
Time:  10:00
Introducing Stage
Getting the best from your injection moulding machinery investment - Peter Gladigau, Corporate Strategist for All-Electric Technology - Summitomo Demag

Why you should attend this presentation

Peter Gladigau will describe how to get the best return on your machine investment, discussing in detail the recent technical advances in process and machine control and how those improvements can translate to increased output and profitability. By focusing on two key aspects of process control technology, activeFlowBalance and ActiveLock, Peter will give an insight into the real advantages process technology can bring to your business and how precision is being applied in new and innovative ways.

Peter Gladigau

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