Dr Antonio Pagliuca

Dr Antonio Pagliuca

Senior Technical Specialist - Application Engineering

Why we invited Antonio

Dr. Antonio Pagliuca is an experienced technical materials specialist and works as a Senior Technical Specialist for 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division. He has a first class degree in Polymer Science and a PhD from the Joining Technology Research Centre at Oxford Brookes University on adhesive bonding. Antonio’s background includes significant previous experience of working with adhesives/sealants which span the full range from the formulation of sealants and adhesives through to the application of such materials working for different applications and markets – including electronics, automotive and construction. He has also worked as a technical consultant and niche bespoke manufacturer of formulated coatings, adhesives, plastic/rubber compounds and has several patent applications granted.

Where you can see Antonio

26 Sep 2017
Time:  13:30
Main Stage
Advances in Adhesive Bonding - Increasing design options and product performance for light-weighting speciality vehicles - Antonio Pagliuca, Senior Technical Specialist - Application Engineering - 3M

Why you should attend this presentation

There are many different assemblies and structures that are used in the construction of speciality vehicles. The use of adhesive bonding either as a replacement for more traditional mechanical fixing techniques or as part of a new design can greatly enhance the design options, increase performance while also reducing the weight of many applications. This presentation will highlight the new bonding technologies that are available outlining all the key advantages that such technology offers to designers, engineers and manufacturing explaining the key aspects to consider when selecting the right adhesive for your application.  It will also highlight the key differences between the major adhesive types to help the end users make a more informed choice and achieve the best possible result in their adhesive bonding applications. This seminar will also expand on how adhesive technology can be an enabling technology, helping engineers and designers to replace heavy gauge steel with lighter metals, plastics, thermoplastic composites etc., to assist in light-weighting. It will also review the influencing factors of product  design, environmental conditions and mechanical loads on long term performance and durability.

Antonio Pagliuca

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