George Fowkes

George Fowkes

Co-Founder and Director

Why we invited George

George Fowkes is co-founder and director of BasePower, an award-winning Combined Heat and Power (CHP) developer to industrial sectors such as automotive and plastics, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical.   Tailoring world-class technology and service to the specific needs of each customer, its projects create significant cost savings and carbon reductions for high-energy users at no capital expenditure or operational risk. George’s career has spanned the development of clean power, water and waste technologies in the UK and Europe. Prior to founding Basepower he was Head of Business Development at biogas developer, Tamar Energy, where he led the team overseeing five projects into construction and fifteen into development.

Where you can see George

26 Sep 2017
Time:  15:00
Main Stage
Advances in Megawatt scale Combined Heat and Power (CHP) driving energy savings and CO2 reductions in plastics manufacturing - George Fowkes, Co-Founder and Director - BasePower

Why you should attend this presentation

In a post-referendum UK the lower pound should be a boon to manufacturers seeking growth in export markets. However, energy-intensive industries face rapidly rising costs due to increases in both wholesale and pass-through components of power prices. Concerned about this and decades of underinvestment in UK energy infrastructure, manufacturers are increasingly looking at energy sources that are cost-effective, resilient and sustainable.

Large industrial energy users have used on-site power generation, in the form of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for decades. But a combination of technical and business model innovation is now making CHP viable for smaller users across a wide range of industries. This is steadily increasing the update of CHP and its contribution to the UK’s energy mix.

In this seminar George Fowkes will discuss recent improvements in generation efficiency, absorption chilling and finance models at the Megawatt scale. Energy users can now access fully financed, build-own-operate CHP that deliver power, heat and cooling without any requirement for capital investment from the end user.

The session will use case studies from the automotive and other industrial sectors. This will include a recent BasePower project at a Tier 1 automotive supplier to give significant reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions. The ‘trigeneration’ scheme supplies 2MW of baseload power, heat for temperature control in the paint shops and chill to the site’s injection moulding tools.

George Fowkes

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