Huw Durban

Huw Durban


Why we invited Huw

With a background in Technical Engineering and Engineering Management, Huw Durban has expertise in injection moulding, prototyping and testing alongside his knowledge of the practical uses of antimicrobials and detectables in production processes.  Co-founder and Director of SteriTouch®, one of the UK’s leading antimicrobial and detectable additive producers, Huw works with clients and processors to develop the right approaches for specific applications and is renowned for devising successful solutions for ‘problem’ polymers which others have failed to address.  His passion is to push the boundaries and develop innovative new additives to meet today’s increasing commercial

Where you can see Huw

27 Sep 2017
Time:  10:20
Introducing Stage
Antimicrobial & detectable additives: the key issues and how to overcome them - Huw Durban, Director - SteriTouch

Why you should attend this presentation

This paper starts by outlining the opportunities offered by antimicrobial and detectable additives for both brands and processors; examines the economics of making them work in a competitive environment; and discusses the major pitfalls and issues experienced by both brand owners and their manufacturing partners; offering options and solutions to help improve efficiency and productivity in plastics processing.

Subjects and themes covered will include:

  • Safeguarding the properties of your plastics whilst using additives and masterbatches
  • Minimising dosage (thus cost) whilst maximising protection
  • Ensuring stability during the incorporation process
  • Enhancing brand image and appeal to users
  • Increasing brand protection from counterfeiting and other potentially damaging issues
  • Finding solutions for ‘difficult’ polymers

And hot topics such as:

  • Thermally conductive compounds
  • Electro-magnetic field insulation (EMF shielding)
  • Antimicrobials and flame-retardancy: getting it right!
  • Public health claims: they’re NOT what antimicrobials are about!  Think product protection instead

The presentation will cite examples of the latest developments in antimicrobial and detectable technologies and applications; and explore the possibilities which current R&D could unlock too. Attendees will gain valuable insights into maximising the opportunities for brands and processors alike, both right now and into the future.

Huw Durban

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