Mike Josypenko

Mike Josypenko

Institute of Export and International Trade
Senior Director of Special Projects

Why we invited Mike

Mike Josypenko has been involved in various aspects of international trade for more than 35 years. Mike is a language graduate, with an extensive background in international freight and logistics:
Mike has also worked in export sales for UK manufacturers, developing new business streams in Europe and beyond, and dealing with Blue Chip clients, distributors and agents.
Most recently, he has worked for a leading trade association, helping companies to expand their export activity, and now works for the Institute of Export & International Trade, as Senior Director for Special Projects. Mike delivers export training to companies, operates a helpline service for members and works as a tutor on the Institute’s professional qualifications programme.
Mike possesses a wealth of practical experience in various elements of international trade, including export sales, freight and Customs procedures, regulatory and compliance issues. He has experience of selling into many emerging and growth markets with companies of all sizes and industry sectors

Where you can see Mike

27 Sep 2017
Time:  12:00
Main Stage
Brexit: The Supply Chain Challenge - Mike Josypenko, Senior Director of Special Projects - Institute of Export and International Trade

Why you should attend this presentation

With the looming deadline for Brexit, and little clarity on the nature of the UK’s future relationship with the EU and beyond, Mike Josypenko considers issues of importance to the modern plastics supply chain. Subjects will include:  

  • The nature of future trade with the EU; tariffs, regulatory customs procedures. 
  • Trading beyond the EU, and the impact and implications of current and future Free Trade Agreements   This presentation will consider how businesses can start to plan for the future.
Mike Josypenko

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