Jane  Gardner

Jane Gardner

Axion Consulting
Head of Consulting Services

Why we invited Jane

Jane Gardner joined resource recovery specialists Axion, UK agents for the PVC industry recycling initiative Recovinyl in 2005 and since then has developed expertise in setting up and running successful industry led collection and recycling trials and schemes covering a broad range of materials including textiles, medical waste, and plastics.  Jane is currently working in collaboration with the British Plastics Federation to set up RecoMed a recycling scheme for single use medical items from hospitals in the UK.

Where you can see Jane

27 Sep 2017
Time:  13:30
Main Stage
Recovering Single Use PVC Medical Devices from Hospitals in the UK - Jane Gardner, Head of Consulting Services, Axion Consulting

Why you should attend this presentation

RecoMed -  Recovering Single Use PVC Medical Devices from Hospitals in the UK RecoMed is a recycling scheme for single use medical items from Hospitals in the UK. The project is funded by VinylPlus, the voluntary sustainable development programme for the European PVC industry and focuses on the collection of oxygen masks, tubing, IV fluid bags and anaesthetic masks. The scheme is a collaboration between Axion, a resource efficiency consultancy based in Manchester and the British Plastics Federation (BPF).

A British Medical Journal article, published in 2009, highlighted the issue of waste in operating theatres (Hutchings D, White SM. Coming round to recycling.  British Medical Journal 2009; 338: b609). The article written following an audit of waste from 6 operating theatres concluded that 40% of the waste (~2.3t/year) could potentially be recycled. RecoMed is helping hospitals increase recycling and reduce waste costs in theatres by implementing a recycling scheme for single use PVC medical devices.

It is based on a successful Australian scheme and was launched as a proof of concept trial in the UK in 2014. The RecoMed team has worked closely with clinicians, hospital waste management teams and infection control supervisors to identify the volumes of oxygen masks, anaesthetic masks, tubing and IV fluid bags that are used by healthy patients who have undergone elective surgery and are therefore suitable for recycling.

These items are usually disposed of via clinical waste bins or in post-operative recovery units. RecoMed places bins in the recovery units to capture the items for recycling. The RecoMed team provides training sessions and communication materials so that it is clear to all staff which items can
be recycled. The RecoMed recycling bins are emptied during the hospital’s normal waste collection
rounds. The RecoMed team then arrange the delivery of the waste plastic items to the recycler.  The PVC, is currently recycled into 100% recycled products for the horticultural industry.


Jane Gardner

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