Craig Norrey

Craig Norrey

Head of Design

Why we invited Craig

Craig Norrey has over 30 years’ experience in part design utilizing engineering polymers. He trained with Lucas Electrical in Birmingham and joined DuPont in 1988 and has since worked in DuPont’s European Technical Centre for Performance Materials based in Geneva, Switzerland. At DuPont he started out as a designer performing CAE simulations as part of customer application development in the Technical Support Department. He has led various teams within the European Technical Service Department and he is currently the European Manager of the DuPont Technical Programs Leaders’ team and the Global Technical Service Manager for Vizilon™ light weight solutions, DuPont’s venture into thermoplastic composites. Although he has been exposed to many different markets much of his background is in automotive with a particular focus on light weighting.

Where you can see Craig

26 Sep 2017
Time:  11:30
Main Stage
Combining Thermoplastic Composites and Injection Moulding – The Best of Both Worlds - Craig Norrey, Head of Design - Dupont

Thermoplastic composites offer a step change in properties compared to standard short fibre reinforced polymers. Combining continious fibre composites with injection moulded thermoplastics extracts the benefits from both technologies and materials to enable metal replacement in applications not considered before.  Never the less the adoption of any new material in the market place requires complete certification and approval by the OEMs and tier 1s. The presentation addresses the key challenges in addition to;

  • Defining the ’Drivers’ to material change
  • Composite definition and the different types found in the market place
  • Features and Benefits of Thermoplastic composites
  • Key differences to short glass reinforced injection moulding polymers
  • Designing with Thermoplastic composites
  • How to predict performance using Computer Aided Engineering
  • Processing composites
  • Assembly considerations
  • Selecting an application


Craig Norrey

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