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Ask the Consultant
04 Sep 2017
Published by:  Plastics Consultancy Network (PCN)

The Plastics Consultancy Network (PCN) will again be attending the Interplas as part of the “Knowledge Pavilion” service to all Interplas visitors.

“Ask the Consultant” provides all visitors to Interplas with free access to the knowledge of PCN experts. The industry often forgets that many designers and users know that they want to use plastics but really don’t know where to start.

They have an idea, a product or a need but do not know where to go next. Should it be an injection moulding, an extrusion or a blow moulding? Should it be made from PE, PA or PTFE? People in the industry assume that users know as much as they do but sometimes users do not know the questions to ask let alone what the answers mean.

“Ask the Consultant” gives designers quick access to leading consultants for free no obligation information.

PCN members will be available throughout Interplas to help visitors with all aspects of plastics technology:

  • Identify the material – PCN members specialising in materials selection can help visitors to identify materials, to match materials or to select the right material for the application.
  • Optimise the design – PCN members specialising in product design can help visitors to with design for cost reduction and performance.
  • Test the process – PCN members specialising in process management and energy use reduction can help with advice on the best production method or how to reduce energy use during production.
  • Research the market – PCN members specialising in market development can help visitors to locate suppliers or identify profitable markets.
  • Control your costs – PCN members can help with processing costs, energy costs.

If you have a problem in plastics then the PCN has a member who can provide the solution.

The PCN marks the 29th year of operations with attendance at Interplas and will be distributing the “Periodic Table of Thermoplastics”. This is a concise picture of the complete range of thermoplastics and will be available free to all Interplas visitors.


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