IsoCool Chilling with Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers at InterplasUK

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IsoCool Chilling with Injection Moulding Machine Manufacturers at InterplasUK
12 Sep 2017
Published by:  Isocool Ltd

Process Cooling experts IsoCool will be offering advice and assistance to plastics processors who would like to access the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund. The Green Business Fund is the energy efficiency support service for small and medium-sized companies in England, Wales and Scotland. It provides up to £5,000 capital contribution per company towards energy saving equipment purchased through Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers such as IsoCool.

Visitors to the IsoCool stand will be able to see the AXevo FC – a process water chiller with integrated free cooler. This water chiller combines the best technologies within the industrial cooling sector to allow exploitation of low ambient air temperatures to pre-cool water circulating through the finned heat exchange battery. Cold water can be produced at minimal cost, resulting in significant energy savings.

Additionally on display will be the ADC 170/S displayed in conjunction with an ICETEMP 2T 25 – this setup features a centralised adiabatic cooler with a beside the machine thermochiller. It provides two independent mould temperature control circuits, with temperature range from -5 to +90C. Visitors will be able to see that this system offers a compact solution for a centralised cooling system, whilst offering close control of process parameters.

In an innovative step, IsoCool will be providing cooling water to the Romi Stand C8 piped directly from the EPI-A 55 compact air cooled water chiller on the IsoCool stand, to Romi’s injection moulding machine process demonstration. A useful opportunity for visitors to see one of IsoCool’s units at work.

Also on display will be the ETW range of Temperature Control Units, designed as a cost effective solution to precision temperature control.

In addition to Romi many other Injection Moulding Machine manufacturers at Interplas will be displaying IsoCool equipment as part of their demonstrations on their stands. These include Engel, Haitian and Krauss Maffei all big names within the industry


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